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Tinas Story

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Tinas Story

I am a cancer patient who has visited Woman Zone and I can honestly say what a fantastic place it is. All the staff make you feel so at ease and comfortable which is just what you need when you have suffered a mastectomy. They are all so professional,caring and helpful and it helps to build your confidence as a person.

When I first went to Woman Zone I didn’t quite know what to expect but they have this fantastic place up on the Taylor Business Park, when you get there and are inside you are in an exclusive shop where you get one to one personal treatment. I can’t speak highly enough of them and I travel up from Shrewsbury to see them because we have nowhere in town where you will get the same professionalism, care and confidence that you need. Also the quantity of bra’s, prosthesis and swimwear is wonderful they have something for everyone.

I really loved the dress and wanted to wear it but didn’t think I could until I visited Woman Zone, the strapless bra is so comfy and supportive so I can now wear my strapless dress.


Tinas StoryTinas Story