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Flowable Back Prosthesis

"As you have been aware my 15yrs of wearing a prosthesis has not always been a comfortable one.That is, until I was properly fitted however there are still times during hot weather when it is a nuisance. There is nothing like the relief at the end of the day even with the new lighter weight ones. When you ask me to trial this new prosthesis I was glad to help but if I am honest my first reaction was it will no doubt be just the same as all the others. Well it is certainly not; having worn it during a recent trip to Egpyt I can honestly that,that the new gel backing and its lighter weight lives up to its promise. I never once felt uncomfortable, hot or sticky wearing it.

Well done to the person whose idea it was. It is so pleasing that new developments are on going. I would ask that if possible could new lighter weight prosthesis be more transparent -when wearing a lacy bra the denser ones show through and are more obvious..

May I add what a super team you have working with you, nothing is too much trouble"

Very best wishes Linda